We're Guy and Ilan Ferdman​.


If you take a dash of life coaching, mix it with neuroscience psychology nerds, drizzle it with intuitive guidance, and wrap it with ancient energetic wisdom practices - you get Satori Prime.

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Guy & Ilan Ferdman

Our philosophy is simple.


Stop trying to make yourself feel better and simply get better at feeling.


We're here to help you find the courage to take that next big leap. We nudge you off the cliff, but we also give you a parachute, and a (healthy) snack when you land.


Instead of filling your head with more information that you'll ultimately forget, we help experientially shift your reality perspective from the inside-out through direct experiencing.


We’re masterful explorers that safely guide you to the edge of your next major breakthrough so you can claim it as your own personal truth.


Basically we pull you out of the matrix, but only if you're ready to be unplugged and seek your own inner guidance.


Made with love,

Guy and Ilan Ferdman

Co-Founders of Satori Prime

Our Core Values

The foundation of how we operate is based on these three values.


If we don't live it, we don't teach it. Showing up with integrity is non-negotiable for us. Gimmicks and empty inspiration are not authentic or value-driven so they're excluded from of our organization. We are committed to your growth in the highest way. We have a reputation of over-delivering on value because that's what lights us up.


We are students for life. Our transformation as an organization is ongoing so that we may provide the absolute best experience to support the transformation of our students. We continue seeking new experiences, knowledge, practices, and work with various teachers to ensure that we are always showing up as the highest version of ourselves.


We believe that alleviating the stress and suffering of individuals through our coaching and programs supports a better future of the collective as a whole. The ripple effect of helping people live their best lives in the highest way extends out to their kids, co-workers, family, etc. Our bigger mission is serving the shift of our planet into a higher consciousness.

"Freedom is not an act of escaping our reality, it's the process of taking responsibility for every aspect of our reality." -Guy & Ilan Ferdman

Clients Sharing Their Stories

As we transform individually, the collective naturally transforms.



If you're excited to book a call with us, AMAZING. You're ready. You've been ready. Your soul has been craving this for a long time but the "right thing" hasn't quite come your way...until now.


If you're feeling a little nervous to book a call with us, GOOD. That's your soul preparing you for the changes to come that might feel like growing pains at first but end up as pivotal life-altering moments for the better.


Regardless of where you are or what you're feeling, this call is our way of exploring - together - what will support your personal growth the most for where you are at in this moment (emotionally, financially, physically, etc.). 

Did a call with Ilan and I was blown away. In less than 45 mins he was able to tap into what 15 therapists had failed to see. I was able to rip off a giant scab and expose stuff I wasn't able to look at in 45 years. I want more, I want to actually start living rather than existing and surviving. My soul is ready to be unstoppable!

Christine Cavaliero, Satori Prime Client

Just had an absolutely amazing call with Ilan. Thank you so much my friend. I sat here and bawled for about 15 minutes after LOL, but this was exactly what the little boy inside needed. I am so grateful. I love you guys!

Paul Abbott, Satori Prime Client

"It's a simple fact that professionals have coaches while amateurs do not." - Guy & Ilan Ferdman

I want to truly thank Ilan for the call I had with him today. I’m feeling like emotional mush but it was amazing how he just got me. I have lots of work to do but this truly helped me understand so many things. Much love, You rock!

Marilyn Pope, Satori Prime Client

Already feel like a different person.  Soooo happy and free. I shared this with my former partner last night and for the first time in ages, talking to him about our past didn't make me feel uncomfortable or upset - I saw him as a different person. My memories with him are not bad anymore they are actually a bit funny.  Yesterday we were able to laugh at things that before would be reasons for arguments.

Laura Flores Satori Prime Client

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