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  • PRODUCT #1

    The Intuitive Mind Two Day Live Experience

    An Incredible Two Day Transformative Experience


    $397 - $597

    Unlimited Affiliate Commissions


  • PRODUCT #2

    Emotional Intelligence Master: Level 1

    90-day transformative experience hosted by Guy, Ilan, and a host of coaches to set a new foundation from which life can be lived and experienced from.



    Affiliate Commission


  • PRODUCT #3

    Emotional Intelligence Mastery: Level 2

    Our breakthrough coaching curriculum where a group of participants have mind-altering radical experiences which shift the perspective of life and put them squarely in the seat of creating their life newly.

    Price Range

    $15,000 to $20,000

    Affiliate Commission


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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1. Payments are made on the following 30 day cycle after the initial sale is made. Example if the sale is made in January, the payment would no sooner than 30 days after the initial sale date.  This could be in February or March depending on the time of the month the sale is made.


2. Payments are made to your account only if you set up an account here and then add how you'd like to receive payment in your affiliate back office which is found under settings and tax forms are required.


3. All programs with monthly payment structure will be paid to affiliate as the payments are received.  We do not pay in one bulk sum.  We receive payment and then allocate your affiliate commission per month.

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